Sentinel-2 in orbit
COP22 04/03/2017

Sentinel 2, a valuable tool in environmental studies

The implementation of optical images with other satellite data makes it possible to implement large-scale strategic plans

Inland water observation

Merged with the altimetry data, the Sentinel-2 optical images make it possible to refine the more precise hydrological measurements. Knowing where water areas are located is the first essential data to collect measurements. First of all, we need to know where the water areas are located. This step is the first of the essential data to make surveys.

These water areas are identified in order to put in place strategic water management plans in various fields such as civil engineering (dam, hydropower plant), agricultural activities and crisis management (flood, pollution) .

CLS develops applications for public administrations and governments in order to forecast the availability of fresh water and possible floods and thus helps to set up a sustainable management of water resources.

Sentinel 2-B, soon !

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