Applications & Services 14/03/2023

New step for the Indonesian Maritime Meteorological System (MMS1) delivered by CLS and its partners : High Performance Computing is now operational at BMKG HQ

To meet Indonesia’s ambitions to develop and secure the maritime economy of the country gathering 17,000 islands, the Indonesian Agency for Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysics (BMKG) called on CLS and its partners to deploy an unprecedented marine meteorological system on the Indonesian maritime territory.

A significant achievement of MMS1. After intensive cooperation from BMKG, CLS and Atos/Bull teams, along with their local partners, the MMS1 HPC has been deployed and commissioned at BMKG headquarters in February.

Within BMKG premises, its 372 nodes (124 state-of-the-art liquid cooled blades containing each 3 nodes) are now delivering a total computing capacity of 1.31 Pflops (Peak Performance), coupled with a Low Latency storage of 2PB.

This cutting-edge supercomputer allows the innovative Ina-CAWO model (a unique highresolution Coupled Atmosphere-Waves-Ocean covering a large zone around Indonesia) to be run locally at BMKG.

CLS, BMKG and Baron Weather will now work on fine-tuning the model until June. The model will then start delivering high-resolution (3km) 10-days hourly forecasts, 4 times a day, providing a drastic improvement in BMKG forecasting capacity (especially for Marine Forecasts). Further work will allow to improve the resolution to 1km in critical areas such as Sunda Strait.

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