31/05/2018 Innovation

Back on the first phase of ActInSpace on May 25 & 26

Last weekend was the 2018 edition of the ActInSpace hackathon. This event organized by CNES allows all those who wish to present their ideas based on space technologies. For this contest, 80 challenges were offered by various companies to more than 3300 participants in 34 countries.

CLS proposed three challenges to the participants that you can find here.

Marc Leminh & Jean-Jacques Valette were part of the Toulouse jury and thus attended the pitches of the 27 teams from Toulouse. Among Toulouse, two teams have chosen challenges of CLS, it is PEGASUS teams (monitoring and protection of animals) and Focuspace (drones tracking).

This type of contest is part of the open innovation approach to open CLS to the contribution of external ideas. Around the world, many teams have chosen to work on one of our challenges and some start-ups could perhaps see the day following this event.

For the rest of the contest, national finals will be held on June 26th and the international finals will be held on June 27th at the Toulouse Space Show. The winning team of the grand prize will win a flight in zero gravity with airZeroG.


Why CLS launch an open innovation approach?

True collaboration is more than an activity. It is a process with associated behaviors that can be taught, developed, and that govern a set of standards to take advantage of the collective intelligence of everyone involved. Open innovation is choosing to extend the scope of CLS and integrate new partners to create new dynamics of relations and cooperation to innovate. This is the way a group of people will collectively explore ideas for generating solutions that go beyond the limited vision of a company.

In the 21st century, with the advent of the Web and the Internet of Things, the most significant ruptures are initiated in a heterogeneous environment associating different personalities and trades. CLS wishes to integrate this approach to contribute to build an efficient ecosystem with shared values, ethics and know-how.


Need more information ? Contact actinspace@cls.fr


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Photo: © CNES/Emmanuel GRIMAULT, 2018