Satellite METOP-C

07/11/2018 News Flash ARGOS payloads in the Metop-C satellite launched on the night of November 6

Metop-C has on board a new ARGOS instrument. ARGOS is a satellite system dedicated to the localization and the data collection, created by CNES in partnership with NASA and NOAA (National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration) and supported by European and Indian international cooperation (EUMETSAT – European Space Weather Agency) and ISRO – Indian Space Agency). Since 2019, the ARGOS system will be operated by Kinéis and commercialized by CLS, both subsidiaries of CNES.

For almost 40 years, ARGOS has enabled biologists to study and protect biodiversity (more than 100,000 animals have been tracked). It is also used by many administrations to monitor fishing vessels and work for a sustainable management of marine resources. ARGOS also contribute to the safety of the crews of merchant ships (anti-piracy alert system) or the skippers of the biggest ocean races (location and possibility of sending a request for assistance).

Metop-C completes the ARGOS constellation, which currently consists of six other satellites, and enables Kinéis to develop even more applications. This constellation will see its use become fully democratized in 2021, with the launch of the Kinéis constellation. A unique constellation, composed by 20 nanosatellites, whose development managed by Kinéis has the unconditional support of CNES. This constellation will carry on board ARGOS new generation payloads dedicated to the Internet of Things.


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