Applications & Services 04/09/2014

CleanSeaNet: the European Maritime Safety Agency has chosen to renew its confidence in CLS

In August 2014, The European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) renewed contracts for the supply of radar satellite images as well as pollution and ship detection services. These contracts will support the European CleanSeaNet service and other integrated services that provide worldwide real-time maritime surveillance.

CLS contributes to CleanSeaNet from Brittany, in France, with VIGISAT, its  direct reception antenna, and and its operational teams of analysts and experts in radar imageryanalysis of satellite images.
The CLS Group will provide added-value services through the use of its oil spill drift model, making it possible to identify sources of pollution in the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas. CLS will also contribute to the surveillance of Europe’s maritime borders. Finally, CLS will be the first European operator to extend overseas CleanSeaNet service through the SEAS-OI based on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.
CLS is working hard to upgrade the receiving stations it operates to receive Sentinel-1, the new European satellite constellation dedicated to high-resolution images radar.

VIGISAT : a station for direct reception and analysis of satellite images