Innovation 13/06/2019

Innovative solution for remote applications with THORIUM-X

CLS, satellite-services provider for environmental monitoring, sustainable management of fisheries, and maritime security, has developed a unique Wi-Fi, 4G, satellite-connected rugged tablet called THORIUM-X, making it possible to collect data, digitalize workflows, and send reports, logs and forms from remote locations anywhere on the globe in real-time. 

Introducing CLS THORIUM-X Tablet

Thorium-X WiFi, 4G, satellite-linked tablet

This  unique, Iridium-connected device is already being used for seafood traceability, environmental monitoring, disaster management, roadbooks, defense applications, shipping, logistics, and green fuel management.

Special offer

We are pleased to announce that any new customer for THORIUM-X in July and August 2019 will get a 30% discount on hardware, or 1-month free data service for existing customers.

More information and purchasing:

Use case

MTCC uses CLS Group’s Thorium-X tablet to collect ship fuel consumption data to comply with IMO/MARPOL regulations. The data are then used to model ship emissions and verify thresholds.