El grupo 22/02/2019

NOVACOM SERVICES integrates CLS, its parent company


In 2018, CLS worked on the integration of its subsidiary NOVACOM SERVICES, a merger that took effect at the beginning of 2019. This merger is about continuity, shared strategy and values.. By pooling their resources, both companies benefit from increased R&D and innovation. Novacom Services’ customers will have expanded access to high-tech solutions that are constantly improving.. NOVACOM SERVICES customers will have access to technological solutions that are constantly improving. NOVACOM SERVICES is now CLS’ Fleet Management Business Unit.

CLS: Fleet Management activities, an asset for CLS

For more than 15 years, the CLS group has been collecting large-scale data from various terminals and/or third-party systems. It is responsible for processing, storage and analysis. Its experience in this field and its infrastructures allow it to control and fully master the data processing chain. In 2018, NOVACOM SERVICES successfully met two challenges: its business development and its integration into CLS. Two challenges that strengthen the group.