Aplicaciones y servicios 16/02/2016

Launch of Sentinel 3

With Sentinel-3, CLS plays the guardian of the water

Tuesday, 16th of February, 2016,  at 19h (UTC), the European satellite Sentinel-3 will be launched from the cosmodrome of Plessetsk loaded in a rocket Rockot. CLS will soon receive its data and then will be able to monitor the water : oceans, lakes and rivers, sea ice and icebergs! With these data, CLS will also detect and preserve our marines resources.
Launch of Sentinel S3 on live:

During this Sentinel-3 adventure, CLS will use its data processing chain, based on 25 years of expertise, in order to develop new solutions dedicated to the preservation of the planet.

These solutions will provide vital information on:

  • the level of the oceans, the wind, the waves for climatologists,
  • the direction and strength of currents for ship captains,
  • the level of rivers for water agencies,
  • the thickness of ice for scientists,
  • the presence of fish for fishery authorities,
  • the physico-chemical conditions in which marine populations evolve for biologists,
  • and even the presence of icebergs threatening skippers for organizers of round-the-world races.     

Sentinel 3 on ESA website