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Global hunger is on the rise. CLS helps humanitarian agencies spend less on logistics and more on their aid programs

821.6 million people suffered from hunger in 2018. This dramatic figure has now increased for the third year in a row, according to the annual report published on Monday by several UN organizations. CLS, a partner of the Global Compact (a UN programme to change the world), works on a daily basis to achieve the sustainable development objectives set by the United Nations. Among the most strategic objectives and a vital challenge for humanity is the second: fighting hunger.

Sustainable development goals United Nations

How can space and a company like CLS contribute to eradicating this global scourge?

The first step is to support humanitarian agencies and help them make the best use of their funds. By optimizing their expenses, they can increase their emergency aid.

CLS works with humanitarian agencies to support them on a daily basis.

How? By allowing them to spend less on logistics and more on their aid programs.

Convoi UNHCRCLS has developed Humanav, a system for optimizing and securing humanitarian fleets. This system tracks all aid vehicles by satellite (refuelling trucks, 4x4s, logistics cars, etc.). It is combined with a decision support platform, enabling agencies to manage thousands of vehicles as accurately as possible by optimising their use, fighting theft, and contributing to the safety of drivers and passengers.

Interface Humanav

Thanks to alert systems, teams are no longer alone in the field. This allows them to send SOS if attacked. In case of theft, vehicles can be easily found. Through Humanav, agencies can even shut down the engine and stop thieves!

Recently, CLS has also helped improve safety for vehicle users (drivers and passengers) by encouraging speed compliance and the most flexible driving possible. United Nations drivers have been trained in good road safety practices and their use has been monitored by satellite through a rating system, with very positive results: the driving of certain drivers has significantly Improved, thus contributing to their safety and optimising fuel costs.


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