premier signal du nano satellite Angels
news-flash 13/01/2020

First Argos signal: the Angels adventure continues successfully

The new generation of Argos instrument has just received its very first signal, the ANGELS adventure continues successfully. The very first message comes from an Argos beacon fitted to a Japanese fishing boat located off the coast of Australia.



premier message AngelsFirst french industrial nano-satellite ANGELS

ANGELS, successful launch, the metamorphosis of the ARGOS system is on its way. Designed by CNES and HEMERIA, Angels embarked the new generation payload Argos-Neo.

On Friday , January 10, 2020, the CNES communicated on a first message received from an Argos beacon thanks to ANGELS. This first signal came from a Japanese fishing boat present off the Australian coast.

With its subsidiary Kinéis, CLS is revolutionizing the historic Argos system. Argos has been providing access to a wide range of environmental data for several decades: animal tracking data, maritime surveillance data, and data for more sustainable management of marine resources…


bateau de peche

Today, CLS is tracking 15,000 fishing boats and 100,000 mobile vessels

Thanks to this new generation Argos-Neo, CLS is proud to support the players working for a sustainable planet with this promising future KINEIS.

The future Kineis constellation will be launched in 2022 and will democratize the use of Argos satellite data.


Find out more about the future Kineis constellation of nanosatellites and the Argos system. Rediscover all the applications of the unique global satellite positioning and data collection system for the study and protection of the environment..