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news-flash 26/07/2021

CLS will be present at the IUCN World Congress in September in Marseille

CLS supports IUCN’s goal: Protect Biodiversity & the Environment

The IUCN congress will be held in Marseille between the 3rd and 11th September with one goal: unite more than 10 000 experts from around the world to work towards conserving both biodiversity and the environment.

Space is a key tool to help protect nature and, as a provider of space-based technologies, CLS supports the scientific community, NGOs and governments in reaching this goal.

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How can Space help protect the environment?

dolphinsMonitor biodiversity

As historical operator of the Argos system, more than 200,000 animals have been tracked by CLS so far with valuable data being collected.

At the moment more than 8000 animals are tracked every month with Argos instruments and back in 2018 CLS began preparing the future by creating Kinéis who in 2023 will transform the Argos system with 25 nanosatellites enabling millions of animals to be tracked.


Protect the environment

Part of understanding and protecting a species entails protecting its enviroment.

forestThe world’s population is growing and, with the use of Argos data, Earth Observation data and Geographic Information Systems, CLS has been working hand in hand with scientists, governments and international organizations to combat protect & conserve ecosystems in a number of ways:

  • Marine Protected Areas: CLS has been lending its expertise in wildlife monitoring for over 30 years providing in-depth knowledge on the behavior, presence, interactions, migration corridors and species dispersion as well as a variety of services applicable to each step taken when implementing an MPA ranging from habitat modelling to sound analysis.
  • Sustainable Forest Management: based on 30 years of close collaboration with forest managers, CLS provides key information to sustainably manage forests and help combat desertification, by identifying, monitoring and analyzing the evolution of forest cover around the world for national and international policies (UNFCCC REDD +, Zero deforestation, etc.).
  • Sustainable Land Management: by mapping natural environements CLS is able to assess the impact of human pressure on natural environments and provide urban planners with precise maps and indicators for a controlled management of our urban development and limit land artificialization and degradation.


reindeersChanging the scales: wildlife tracking XXL

The arrival of the 25 nanosatellites in 2023 will open up new horizons for wildlife monitoring enabling us to go from tracking an individual animal to herds of animals.

By combining satellite tracking, Earth Observation data and Artificial intelligence, CLS has already developed new solutions for both sustainable pastoralism and Rewilding projects. Over 200 reindeer in Yakutia have been successfully monitored using our solution, Space Innovation System to Monitor Animals (SISMA).

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To find out more on the solutions CLS has to offer, our team will be happy to meet you at CNES’ stand between the 4th and 9th September.

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