Comité de mission
El grupo 27/10/2021

CLS becomes a Company with a mission

At CLS, every day we measure human impact on our Planet & on us, its citizens. Many of you are on the front line and see these impacts:

  • rising average sea levels,
  • drop in biodiversity,
  • desertification,
  • plastic pollution,
  • food insecurity,
  • resource plundering,
  • etc.

​Access to this knowledge pushes us to surpass ourselves on a daily basis in innovation and the development of solutions for a sustainable Planet, but it also requires us to do more on our own scale, every day.

Becoming a Company with a mission means making our DNA official, but it also means trying to be exemplary in our conduct, our practices and our objectives.

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CLS has therefore decided to establish its commitment and its “raison d’être” in its statutes by becoming a company with a mission that is even more committed to:

  • Deploying space solutions to raise awareness of the fragility and richness of our Planet and preserve its resources and biodiversity for future generations.
  • Uniting our employees around our values of commitment, trust and agility within an efficient and responsible organization, serving the Planet and Human beings.
  • Mobilizing the skills needed to develop innovative solutions at the cutting edge of space and digital technologies, at the service of sustainable growth.
  • Recognizing and valuing our employees in order to encourage their development in a spirit of respect and tolerance in order to build an international environmental project together.


Our Mission Commitee

CLS' Mission Commitee

This commitment is just an extension of the daily commitment of CLS teams for us, citizens of the year 2021, and for future generations.

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