news-flash 18/07/2016

Brest 2016 : «Oceans and climate»

Several actors of Quai des Sciences in Brest (france), including CLS, have been decided this year to promote the role of the ocean on climate. Climate issues are opening broad scientific and technological fields to explore. International Maritime Festival Brest 2016 is also a time of sharing and discovery with a global audience:

  • How do we observe the ocean and can we predict its evolution to climate change?
  • How organizations do they adapt?
  • How to limit the impact of human activities?
  • How to explore the polar regions?

Forty academic and industrial players came for the event. CLS participated through lectures on satellite applications and their usefulness in ocean observations::

CLS Brest 2016
Sur le stand de CLS
  • Improving the marine environment : pollution detection by satellites
  • Monitoring the ocean and its resources
  • The climate change «seen from the sky»
  • Ice detection satellite for ocean races

BREST 2016 (in french)