COP22 09/12/2015

The Fresh water Challenge

Since 2013, CLS and its subsidiary ALTAMIRA INFORMATION, have been mapping and delimiting flood zones of the Adour river in Dax, using their expertise in satellites and radar imaging.
According to the IPCC report, “The proportion of the world population facing water shortages or affected by major flooding will increase with the level of global warming in the 21st century.” The scarcity of fresh water resources will be most strongly felt in countries in the Southern hemisphere, whereas countries in the Northern hemisphere are expected to experience more regular and devastating episodes of flooding.
CLS, a world leader in altimetry, is putting its 30 years’ experience of ocean monitoring at the service of sustainable management of water resources. Satellites can provide solutions for managing water resources, water stress or extreme weather events. The Toulouse-based company is willing and able to combine different types of satellite, in-situ or numerical modelling data. These solutions should prove indispensable for the comprehensive and fair management of water resources.
They will make it possible to predict and monitor river networks, and to control the state of resources at a regional level. With satellite tools, the authorities will be in a position to monitor the intrusion of saltwater into estuaries, providing vital ammunition in the fight against salinisation of coastal farmland.