Innovation 05/03/2018

CLS, a culture of innovation

CLS has as mission to monitor human activities as well as the biological and physical rhythm of oceans, seas and rivers. For public or private organisations, we analyse data coming from drones and satellites to support them in their actions.

Every day, more than 100,000 terminals transmit us data to fulfill our clients missions. Our areas of intervention range from the battle against illegal fishing, climate monitoring, and more particularly mesure its impact on the water level, to securing humanitarian missions in dangerous areas.

Monitoring of fish stocks in Antartica or Pacific, a meteorological hazard near an oil platform, real-time monitoring of NGO vehicles in Afghanistan, or measuring the impact of TBMs on the soil movement in the Paris metro are some examples of the missions that CLS is able to achieve for its customers.

The aim of our approach is to provide useful, accurate and adapted information to the situation of each client.

Moreover, each day, our experts work to support the protection of the environment and the sustainable exploitation of our natural resources.

CLS works in 5 strategic areas of activity

Sustainable management of fisheries

Environmental monitoring

Maritime safety and security

Fleet management

Energy & mining