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Protecting Albatrosses From Space

Today is World Albatross Day, a perfect opportunity to highlight the incredible role played by CLS, the historical operator of the Argos satellite system, now provider of the environmental Argos services, in the understanding, protection, and conservation of these majestic birds, as well as their role in combating illegal fishing in the area.

Fascinating creatures

Albatrosses are fascinating creatures that roam vast stretches of the ocean, often covering thousands of kilometers in search of food. However, they face numerous challenges, including habitat loss, bycatch in fishing gear, and the devastating impacts of illegal fishing. CLS has been at the forefront of efforts to help the scientific community study and protect albatross populations, thanks to the unique capabilities of the Argos system.

Information from space a key data for conservation

The Argos system, created by the French Space Agency, CNES, and developed by CLS, has revolutionized our understanding of albatross behavior, migration patterns, and feeding grounds.
By attaching lightweight Argos satellite tags to these magnificent birds, scientists and researchers can collect invaluable data on their movements, foraging behavior, and breeding patterns. This knowledge is vital for implementing effective conservation strategies.

Furthermore, collaborations with tech companies like ours, conservation organizations, governments, and fisheries management authorities has played a pivotal role in addressing the issue of bycatch and combating illegal fishing. By using Argos satellite data, we can identify areas where albatrosses are most at risk from fishing activities and work towards developing measures to minimize bycatch and protect these vulnerable species.

CLS a game changer in term of wildlife protection

ANGELS nanosatelliteCLS is proud to contribute to the global effort to safeguard albatross populations and their habitats. We remain committed to utilizing our expertise in satellite technology, data collection, and analysis to support conservation initiatives and promote sustainable fishing practices. Together, we can ensure the long-term survival of these magnificent seabirds and maintain the health of our oceans.

Together, we can make a positive difference and secure a brighter future for these extraordinary birds.


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