13.06.2014 Postcard VIGISAT

The first civilian station for the direct reception and analysis of high-resolution radar satellite images.

13.06.2014 Postcard EMSA chooses CLS to set up its European maritime fleet surveillance center

From June 2009, over 10 000 vessels will be tracked by the European surveillance center developed by...

13.06.2014 Postcard China is using CLS to monitor 100 further fishing vessels

the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has decided to establish a system of satellite tracking for fishing vessels.

13.06.2014 Postcard Eels viewed from space

European scientists have launched a program to fit 200 eels with Argos tags.

13.06.2014 Postcard CLS, a historic partner in the 40th Solitaire du Figaro event

CLS has developed its Argos beacons to improve the safety of skippers and help the organisers.

13.06.2014 Postcard Where have the sardines gene?

CLS teams are bringing their experience in modelling project which is intended to help the Peruvian fisheries...

13.06.2014 Postcard Booted eagles tracked by ARGOS tags

Specialists are using the data transmitted by the 22g Argos Solar tags and revealing more of this...

13.06.2014 Postcard FARIO, The Jura lynx

There are 7,000 animals equipped with Argos tags around the world and now Fario is one of...

13.06.2014 Press releases Ardian

Ardian, formerly AXA Private Equity, invests in the CLS Group and becomes the second shareholder behind the...

13.06.2014 Press releases COI has chosen CLS to set up two fishing surveillance centers

The Indian Ocean Commission (COI) has chosen CLS to set up two fishing surveillance centers.