Greater Lyon chooses SIRS, a CLS subsidiary, to map its green spaces

Summer 2019 in France was the third hottest on record since 1900.  Green spaces play a key role in keeping local temperatures down and residents comfortable. But what’s the best way to manage, preserve, and expand them?

Greater Lyon has launched an innovative project aimed at mapping its green spaces to improve their management. It chose SIRS, a subsidiary of CLS specializing in geographic data for over 30 years, to help with this endeavor.

What’s new about this project? SIRS used deep learning to automate processing of the mass of data (350 GB of LIDAR data, 700 GB of 2015 RGB, with an IR resolution of 8 cm) and speed up its analysis. In nine months, it was able to generate a precise, comprehensive, homogenous set of qualitative maps (reliability > 92%).

This information is a strategic land use planning tool that helps the city track green space distribution and urban spread, plan greening projects, and initiate offset measures to protect biodiversity and natural habitats.