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Developing the uses of spectral imaging – CLS partners with Hytech-imaging

CLS is proud to announce the signing of a partnership with Hytech-imaging, an expert in hyperspectral data processing. Many future space missions have been announced for the next few years and these data will provide additional information for many applications, for both land and sea, now addressed by CLS.

Thanks to this partnership, CLS and Hytech-imaging will pool their know-how to further develop the use of earth observation data for the benefit of numerous user communities, and in particular to combat pollution in the marine environment.


New data to better characterize marine pollution

Gaëtan Fabritius, Director of Innovation and Foresight at CLS
Gaëtan Fabritius, Director of Innovation and Foresight at CLS

Gaetan Fabritius, Director of Innovation and Foresight at CLS: “CLS is the historical and leading provider of the CleanSeaNet oil spill detection service operated by the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). As part of this service, CLS analysts produce daily pollution detection bulletins (location, extent of pollution, presumed polluters when possible), using mainly radar observation data. Tomorrow, thanks to this upstream cooperation with Hytech-imaging, we will be able to process new Earth Observation data to further characterize these pollutions (density, viscosity, …). Beyond this example, many other applications are being considered, and we are proud to demonstrate CLS’s ability to forge such partnerships, to support our innovation in a collaborative approach, and ultimately to better protect our planet.”


Hytech-imaging & CLS, a partnership, a recognition for our hyperspectral work

Marc Lennon, Co-founder and President of Hytech-imaging
Marc Lennon, Co-founder and President of Hytech-imaging

Marc Lennon Co-founder and President of Hytech-imaging: “Pioneers in the development of the uses of spectral imaging for applications ranging from coastal hydrography to qualified phenotyping, through the characterization of pollutant slicks at sea, we firmly believe in the new perspectives opened up by this mode of imaging for earth observation, as the first hyperspectral sensors embarked on satellite platforms make their appearance. In this context of continuous innovation that drives us, we are very proud of the recognition of our work by a world-class group like CLS, which is always at the forefront of remote sensing techniques. This partnership, which offers very interesting prospects for the development of our activities, will contribute to creating a competitive French industrial force for the development of spectral imaging uses, in the service of today’s major environmental issues.”


Hyperspectral imagery of Archipel de Molène (France)
Quéménès – Archipel de Molène – Parc Naturel Marin d’Iroise Visualization of algal belts on the foreshore by hyperspectral imagery ©Hytech-imaging


A propos

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CLS is a global company and pioneering provider of solutions for surveying and monitoring the Earth since 1986. We are a subsidiary of the French space agency CNES and CNP. Our mission is to create innovative space-based solutions to understand and protect our planet and to manage its resources sustainably. CLS employs 750 people at our headquarters in Toulouse, France, and at 25 other sites around the world. We operate in five strategic markets: sustainable fisheries management, environmental monitoring, maritime surveillance, fleet management and energy and mining. We provide satellite-based location and environmental data collection services, processing data from 100,000 transponders per month on drifting buoys, animal tags, fishing vessels (VMS) and merchant ships (LRIT), and observe the oceans and inland waters with more than 20 instruments on board satellites delivering daily information on the world’s seas and oceans. We also monitor land and sea activities by satellite, with more than 10,000 radar images processed and several hundred drone flight hours analysed by our teams every year. The CLS Group generated revenues of nearly €135 million in 2019. Committed to a sustainable planet, we are working every day for Earth, from Space.

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Hytech-imaging logoHytech-imaging

Hytech-imaging is a French company based in Brittany, specialized in the development of the uses of hyperspectral imaging:

  • Acquisition of hyperspectral data (aircraft, UAV): FlySpec
  • Hyperspectral Data Processing and Analysis: Hyp-analytics
  • Expertise and R&D in hyperspectral.

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