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16.06.2017 Brochure & CLS Mag CLS brochure 2017

oceanography and biodiversity

20.02.2017 Press kit CLS acquires Woods Hole Group

CLS, the French satellite services provider, has announced the acquisition of the Woods Hole Group, an American...
boat lrit

12.01.2017 Press releases Fulcrum Maritime Systems joins CLS Group

CLS Group and Fulcrum Maritime Systems (FMS) joined forces at the end of 2016 to become a...

10.12.2016 Brochure & CLS Mag CLS Mag “CELEBRATING 30 YEARS”


25.07.2016 Press releases Olympic Games RIO 2016 : The bay of the games depollutted through satellites

For over a year, Brazilian local authorities asked CLS Group, through its Brazilian subsidiary PROOCEANO, to optimize...
Sentinel 1B image satellite radar vigisat

25.04.2016 Press releases With the successful launch of Sentinel-1B, on the evening of 25 April, CLS is continuing to watch over our planet.


08.04.2016 Press releases CNES fetes 30th anniversary of its subsidiary CLS in Toulouse

17.02.2016 Press kit SENTINEL-3, A world of applications

climate, water resources, marine resources, biodiversity, melting ice, detection of icebergs

30.11.2015 Brochure & CLS Mag CLS Mag special issue on climate

CLS Mag special issue on climate

10.11.2015 Press releases CLS acquires TRE

CLS acquires TRE and becomes the world leader in highly accurate ground movement measurements using satellite radar...