Wind power project area in Southern Brittany
Applications & Services 27/04/2022

Offshore Wind: new contract for French floating wind with the French Ministry of Ecological Transition

CLS is proud to announce the signature of a new contract for the South of Brittany bidding zone (AO5) with the French Ministry of Ecological Transition’s Directorate General for Energy and Climate (DGEC).

After the contract for the Normandy area (AO4), the DGEC has renewed its confidence in us and has once again chosen CLS to provide a wind study for the area south of Brittany (AO5). This future wind farm is scheduled to be operational by 2029 and will be composed of floating wind turbines with a total capacity of 250 MW. This is the first French wind farm using this technology, this project could be completed by a second 500 MW floating wind farm.


This new contract between DGEC and CLS will contribute to the derisking of the wind project in Brittany.

Through our service, we answer the essential question of the precise estimation of the available wind resource to better size the projects and optimize their technical and economic performance.

SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) satellite imagery, combined with other LiDAR-type data and high-resolution atmospheric models, enables an accurate assessment of the available wind resources (17 years of historical measurements) over large study areas. This corresponds to the need to analyze the entire perimeter chosen for the installation of a wind farm.

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Laurent Guerlou
Laurent Guerlou, Marketing Manager for wind projects at CLS

“I would like to thank the DGEC for its renewed confidence in this new project. We are honored to have their approval and to be able to bring our contribution through the SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) satellite data that we provide.

Combined and complementary to in-situ data, LiDAR data and atmospheric models, we propose a very accurate assessment of the wind potential. This wind farm is a great challenge in our country’s energy mix, which includes a significant share of renewable energy, particularly wind energy,” said Laurent Guerlou, Marketing Manager for wind projects at CLS.

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