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Last News & Events 25/09/2023

ODD Flag Day: Happy Anniversary to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Eight years have passed since the adoption of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations.

Their objective is clear and resolute: to save the planet.

As the driving force behind the universal “Agenda 2030” program, the Sustainable Development Goals consist of 17 targets to be achieved, ensuring that we can all live on a planet where resources become increasingly scarce.

These goals encompass a wide range of issues, including climate, biodiversity, poverty, hunger, gender equality, energy, agriculture, peace, economic prosperity, and education worldwide.

CLS, a mission-driven company, is proud to share its contribution to the SDGs with you. In fact, 95% of the activities of the group’s 900 employees, spread across 30 sites worldwide, contribute to the achievement of these goals. Furthermore, CLS has answered the United Nations’ call to display the SDGs flag, thereby participating in the global mobilization for a sustainable and just planet.

CLS employees are also taking action on the ground! Last week, CLS participated in the SDGs Run, organized by the Global Compact Network France. It was a sporty week where each participant was invited to cover 17 kilometers at their own pace, in one or multiple sessions, alone or in groups. Reflecting our commitment to the planet, this race symbolizes the transition towards a more sustainable world, where not everyone moves at the same speed.

In the race to protect our planet, cooperation is crucial, working together to build the world of tomorrow. Because this is also what it means to commit to a more sustainable planet: promoting transitions and taking into account everyone’s challenges to then work together to reduce inequalities.

Today, CLS symbolically displays the SDGs flag: Setting sail for the 17 SDGs, for a journey that will continue until 2030 and guide us far beyond.

Let’s all come together for our planet, spread the message of the SDGs on social media with the hashtag #togetherfortheSDGs!

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