09.11.2017 COP22 COP 23, the importance of space applications to assess global warming

COP23 helps to make progress on instruments for implementing decisions of the Paris Agreement, ratified 2 years ago by...
logo nextgeoss

29.05.2017 References NEXTGEOSS, a European data hub for the future GEOSS

The H2020 NextGEOSS project, a European contribution to GEOSS, will develop the next generation of European Earth Observation...
Sentinel-2 in orbit

04.03.2017 CLS group Sentinel 2, a valuable tool in environmental studies

The implementation of optical images with other satellite data makes it possible to implement large-scale strategic plans...
Avec sentinel 3, CLS joue les gardiens de l'eau

03.03.2017 COP22 CLS keep an eye on the oceans

With nearly 20 years of expertise, CLS uses data from several satellites including sentinels to develop new...
launch of sentinel 2B

02.03.2017 COP22 Sentinel 2-B, soon !

Sentinel-2A will be joined by its twin, the Sentinel-2B satellite on the night of March 6-7. These...

02.07.2016 COP22 100, 000 animals tracked for 30 years by satellite

vigisat pollution sea

03.06.2016 COP22 CLS & Sentinel 1 : Mediterranean pollution

CLS detects oil spills by using satellite radar images, determines the drift trajectories of oil slicks to...

19.02.2016 Last News & Events Hydrology : monitoring floodwaters

The two major challenges covering all of these themes are the preservation of environmental resources and ecosystems, and universal access to water (mainly for drinking) and sanitation. In this context, CNES has been commissioned to support the development of satellite applications and services in the field of water, in particular. 

17.02.2016 COP22 SENTINEL-3, higher resolution, more detailed data

How can we monitor the effects of global warming, optimize management of our freshwater resources, help traditional local fishermen exploit marine resources in a sustainable way, and ensure a safe route for skippers in solo round-the-world races?

18.01.2016 COP22 JASON-3 successfully launched : sunday 17 january

Jason-3 will ensure supporting operational oceanography and monitoring of the sea-level trend, a key indicator of climate change.