Antoine Seillan - Dominique Gaillard - Gilles Rabin

27/09/2017 CLS group New Supervisory Board for CLS

On Wednesday, August 9, the French Ministry of Armed Forces announced that President Emmanuel Macron appointed Joël Barre as General Delegate for Armament. Following this, Antoine Seillan, CNES’s current Chief Financial officer has been appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CLS. In his letter of resignation from CLS’s board, Joël Barre mentioned that “he had enjoyed chairing the Supervisory Boards of CLS in recent years and thus participating in the good progress of the company.”

Following the departure of Joël Barre, Lionel Suchet has been promoted at the post of Deputy CEO of CNES. He is replaced on the supervisory board of CLS by Gilles Robin, his successor at the Direction of Innovation of Applications and Science.

On the ARDIAN side, Baudouin d’Hérouville also leaves our board and is replaced by Dominique Gaillard as Vice-President of the CLS board, and the Head of the Direct Funds activities at Ardian.

We welcome our new shareholder representatives and extend our warmest thanks to our former members for their support and confidence!

These news give us the opportunity to do a focus on our supervisory board: The supervisory board of CLS is a non-executive body whose mission is to ensure the good running of our company. It reports to shareholders.

The Supervisory Board (composed of members *) and the Executive Board (composed of Christophe Vassal, President, Antoine Monsaingeon, Deputy Managing Director for International Development and Vanessa Conter, Chief Financial Officer) are the two governance bodies of our company.

*Antoine Seillan, CNES, Président du conseil de surveillance, Dominique Gaillard, ARDIAN, Vice-Président du Conseil de surveillance, Jean Aussaguel, Représentant permanent de la société TELESPACE PARTICIPATION, Caroline Pihan, Représentant permanent de la société ARDIAN France, Patrick Vincent, Représentant permanent d’IFREMER, Geneviève Campan, CNES, Marie-Anne Clair, CNES, Donato Giorgi, CNES, Gilles Rabin, CNES, Pierre Ulrich, CNES, membres du conseil de surveillance, Jean-Michel Zigna, Nicolas CROS et Elodie Da Silva, membres du conseil de surveillance salariés CLS, Arthur De Salins et Pierre Cotty, censeurs.