23/05/2016 Applications & Services Maritime piracy : a collaborative approach

Collation and dissemination of information regarding maritime piracy and armed robbery at sea

WORKSHOP Towards an enhanced maritime piracy information network

February 16-17, 2016

To be held in CLS HQ, Toulouse (FRANCE)

Agenda and registration


  • From real time information to specific intelligence :
    What information can be delivered and from whom? What are the specificities? Are the differnces based on vessel size/type, geographic area and timing (for preparation, during vooyage and afterwards) ?
  • Daily coordination among stakeholders and good use of information :
    How to support a coordinated and effective response to emergency calls ? How to avoid bad use of data ? How to enhance self awareness and update preventive measures (versus static BMPs) ?
  • Closing the gaps for greater leverage : What are the confitions required to obtain a sustainable implementation and coordination ? What would be the role for EU ? Which functions the Information Sharing Centers should play in the international piracy prevention landscape to meet strategic, tactical and operational needs ?

CLS challenge is to continuously improve instruments and operate different satellite systems that contribute to the earth observation.
CLS ground segments and operations

DG MOVE challenge is to protect Europe with very strict safety rules preventing sub-standard shipping, reducing the risk of serious maritime accidents and minimizing the environmental impact maritime transport.
Mobility and transport