Fishing trawler on the water and dramatic clouds at sunrise
Innovation 27/02/2018

Stop Illegal Fishing by 2020: A Crucial Challenge. There are solutions !

Today, marine resources are often overexploited (overfishing, illegal, unregulated, unreported fishing) and threatened by pollution and global warming. Scientists believe that certain stocks such as bigeye tuna in the Pacific have been reduced to less than 20% of their original biomass. Ending illegal, unreported fishing (IUU) by 2020 is one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and is gaining attention ahead of the UN meeting on the state of the seas February 28- March 1, 2018.

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Accurately mapping fishing efforts and detecting illegal fishing activity requires a comprehensive, in-depth approach.

For the last twenty years, CLS has provided our clients with scalable solutions to fight illegal fishing and sustainably manage marine resources. We deliver more accurate, actionable intelligence by using spatial observations, numerical models, location and real-time data collection systems. Our experts in fishing, oceanography, meteorology, and modelling analyze multiple sources of data: VMS, AIS, radar and optical imaging. We  have helped many governments set up integrated fisheries management centers.

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Combatting illegal fishing and managing stocks in Indonesia

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