Plan climat air énergie
CLS Group 11/06/2019

CLS is committed to a sustainable planet and signs the SICOVAL corporate climate charter alongside local companies

Sicoval has drawn up a 2019-2024 Territorial Air Energy Climate Plan which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60% by 2050, develop renewable energies, improve air quality, move towards energy efficiency and commit to adaptation to climate change. CLS, along with 12 other local companies, answered to an invitation from elected officials to commit to this corporate climate charter.
One of our main missions at CLS is to protect our planet. Our vision: to imagine and deploy space solutions to understand, protect our planet and manage our resources sustainably. While we work daily in our activities for the planet, we also try daily but this time in our practices to do the same: sorting waste, encouraging public transport, encouraging the use of bicycles, CSR mission, regular communication and awareness for the climate and today a commitment to do better every day.
Thank you to Sicoval for training us, for boosting us and for offering to support us in this process.

Signature charte climat entreprise