COP22 09/11/2017

COP 23, the importance of space applications to assess global warming

COP23 helps to make progress on instruments for implementing decisions of the Paris Agreement, ratified 2 years ago by 169 countries. Recent climate events demonstrate the urgency of taking action. 

CLS, a subsidiary of CNES, IFREMER and the investment company ARDIAN, was present during these few days dedicated to these fundamental issues. The main objective of our 700 employees : to observe the planet from space and to report the state of our seas and oceans. With its oceanographers, engineers, remote sensing experts, signal processing specialists, marine population dynamics modellers, CLS has been working for nearly 30 years in environmental monitoring. World leader in altimetry, exclusive operator of the satellite data collection system ARGOS, radar specialist, the company supports states, the international scientific community and businesses in the sustainable management of our “blue” planet. “Blue”, because the oceans represent 80% of the biodiversity of our planet !

The French space agency CNES demonstrates the importance of space applications in assessing the causes and consequences of global warming. CLS actively participates in many projects! Here is an application developed by CNES to help you discover all this:

applications spatiales CNES