Race 31/10/2014

CLS, historical partner of the Route du Rhum race, equips all competitors with beacons.

For 30 years, CLS and Pen Duick have cooperated, equipping skippers with several generations of ARGOS beacons. To improve the safety of the skippers and provide organizers with real-time positioning services, CLS began to equip sailing vessels with March YI beacons: light, waterproof and shockproof, with autonomy of 110 days. 

CLS provides satellite tracking beacons for 91 participants and uses advanced technologies to locate and track vessels. Using satellite-based systems operated by CLS, race organizers, the general public and families of skippers and explorers can monitor step-by-step the progress of modern-day heroes. For more than twenty years, CLS has equipped tens of thousands of navigators and explorers, both on solid ground and on the oceans.

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