Race 19/06/2014

CLS equips and tracks the 2014 Solitaire Figaro

CLS equips and tracks the 2014 Solitaire Figaro Eric Bompard Cashmere Race 

CLS is a historical partner of the Solitaire du Figaro Eric Bompard cashmere race.

The company is the exclusive operator of the Argos tracking system.

CLS is the first to equip the major yacht races with beacons. Today, CLS has evolved its tracking equipment to improve the safety of skippers and help organizers to support real-time progress of the race. The Iridium constellation (66 satellites) follows 38 skippers throughout the Solitaire race and the 3 boats that support the skippers are also equipped with beacons.

During the 45th edition of this race, the positions are very frequent with a GPS position provided every 6 minutes in the high seas and every 3 minutes in departures and arrivals phases and around marks for each leg of the race.