Surveillance of maritime and terrestrial activities by radar

Provider of added-value products and services


Conventional coastal monitoring tools can only cover a certain area, and certain zones are not equipped with such tools. As such, when the areas of interest are remote, vast or difficult to access, satellite-based radars make it possible to extend maritime monitoring capabilities and enable systematic monitoring of a site. CLS has been the operator and provider of value-added services based on radar technology for nearly 15 years. As a pioneer in satellite-based radar services, CLS incorporates radar imagery assets into turnkey services for State maritime authorities and offices, mining companies, regional authorities, security agencies and organizers of races at sea .

Thanks to its extensive experience in Earth observation, the CLS subsidiary ALTAMIRA INFORMATION also analyses ground movements with millimetric precision and offers mapping solutions using satellite radar images This precise information makes it possible to monitor infrastructures and mining operations and also to monitor ground movements in inhabited areas (potential subsidence in districts). Our teams of experienced engineers and operators are trained to process the data and provide information to support decision-making. CLS guarantees the highest level of service availability for all the systems it operates. CLS uses radar data to develop operational applications for land and sea.

Sustainable management of marine resources

Thanks to satellite radar images provided by CLS, it is possible, by superimposing VMS data and the radar echoes to detect illegal fishing boats. On the same principle, CLS also offers a range of coastal radar and AIS solution (Automatic Identification System) to monitor activities more coastal …

Illegal fishing radar view

Environmental Monitoring

Satellite radar technology combined with skills of analysis and interpretation of radar images of the CLS experts are key solutions for the observation of weather and sea conditions in high resolution, monitoring of sea areas regardless of weather , support for renewable energy, soil study movements …

Maritime Security

Thanks to satellite radar, CLS has developed of marine areas monitoring services of strategic interest, iceberg detection zones, detection and monitoring oil slicks at sea. radar surveillance and maritime security