CLS develops and operates innovative telematics solutions, seamlessly adapted to our customers’ activities. CLS’ solutions allow to track fleets and help optimize and secure operations.

So what do humanitarian organizations, waste collection companies and road haulage companies have in common? They all use road networks. They are all increasingly busy.

All require more and more efficient logistical management. And this is where CLS comes in. Based on real-time (GPRS, satellite or Sigfox-type low bandwidth) data collection and geolocation, stored and operated in its secure data center, CLS offers intelligence and, security solutions and services for the strategic movement of goods or people in different industries.

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Ensuring staff safety : hybrid communication systems, SOS pushbutton, road safety, etc.

Optimization: most efficient itinerary, fleet management, fuel savings, preventive maintenance, etc.

Discover our HumaNav solutions, using telematics for humanitarian purposes

humanitarian convoy
Eazy Connect platform


Optimization of resources and fleet management,

Improvement of the service to users,

Optimized schedules, virtual trip assignments, monitoring of activities, etc.

Discover our Eazy collecte solutions for waste management


Optimization of transports, fuel savings, lower accident rates,
On-time deliveries, safety and security of merchandise, maintenance of a continuous cold chain,
Enhanced maintenance : tyre pressure monitoring system, electronic braking system (EBS) monitoring, etc.

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