ANGELS nanosatellite
News & Events 18/12/2019

ANGELS, successful launch, the metamorphosis of the ARGOS system is on its way

On December 18, Angels, the first industrial nanosatellite developed by CNES and HEMERIA, was launched from the French space base in Kourou. It embarked an Argos payload and began the metamorphosis of CLS Group’s founding system. Argos has revolutionized the history of migration, made it possible to study oceans and climate.

It is a wonderful adventure that is being written today. With Angels, it is a second life that begins for this unique ARGOS satellite location and data collection system!


About Kinéis

In fact, Kinéis is a new satellite system operator, owner and operator of the first European constellation of nanosatellites dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT). The Kineis constellation will be placed in orbit and operational in 2022. With the Kineis constellation, Argos system will soon be accessible to the greatest number of people!


Looking back at 40 years of success stories dedicated to environmental protection

In the 1980s, CLS and CNES created the ARGOS system, laying the foundations for what would later become IoT. CLS used the ARGOS satellite system to track connected objects before GPS or Galileo even existed. As the world operator of the ARGOS location and data collection system, CLS’ provides Kinéis with 40 years of experience in geo-location and data collection, four generations of technology development, and data processed from hundreds of thousands of beacons. Over all these years, CLS has helped scientists, governments, and manufacturers, as well as great outdoor adventurers. Thanks to this heritage, the Kineis constelation has the dual advantage of technological mastery and intimate knowledge of the needs of its users and markets. This double dose of expertise and experience have earned Kineis the confidence of its investors and customers.


“With Kineis, French NewSpace is becoming a reality based on more than 50 years of space success that can provide a competitive offer with high added value. Kineis has CNES’s unconditional backing to developp what will become soon a worldwide reference. A new opportunity for CNES to promote the development of the space industry and its excellence.” — Jean-Yves Le Gall, CNES President.


With Kineis, CLS is revolutionising ARGOS and democratising a system that has enabled the history of animal migration to be rewritten, marine resources to be managed sustainably, piracy to be fought and the greatest ocean races to be followed. More efficient, easier and affordable, the unique and universal connectivity offered by Kineis will soon be widely available to the general public (outdoor leisure activities, boating, etc.) and the private sector (logistics, fishing, agriculture, etc.). Kineis will enable IoT use to make the impossible, possible.



The Kineis constellation will revolutionize the use of space and will offer the scientific community an ever more enhanced ARGOS system, capable of transmitting more data, communicating with beacons and finally offering users near real-time connectivity.

Get more information on Argos website and on CLS Telemetry website