With its range of products and services tailored to customer requirements and its long-standing commitment to innovation, CLS is a leading provider of location and data collection services and value-added products in the global marketplace.

Today, CLS is ready to process data from satellite-based missions in the coming decade.

Worldwide service - anytime, anywhere
CLS provides highly accurate data in near-real time from:

    Argos: 1,900,000 messages and 66,000 locations processed daily
    DORIS: location coordinates accurate to 20 cm within 24 hours
    Satellite altimetry: ocean topography with a precision of several cm within 48 hours
    Radar: 25 000 images processed each year

A worldwide network of facilities

Argos: 2 interlinked processing centers and 56 receiving stations worldwide provide continuous location and data collection service, and access to results.

A worldwide company
Processing centers on five continents distribute data to customers in their regions.