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Press release

01-17-2014 :
The Indian Ocean Commission (COI) has chosen CLS to set up two fishing surveillance centers, one in Madagascar and the other in Mauritius (more)
11-07-2013 :
Ardian, formerly AXA Private Equity, invests in the CLS Group and becomes the second shareholder behind the CNES. (more)
09-23-2013 :
CLS purchases EXEO, making its subsidiary Novacom Services the French market leader in "clean geolocation" (more)
03-11-2013 :
Indonesia chooses CLS to set up its satellite-based oceanography centre for the sustainable management and development of its marine resources (more)
11-09-2012 :
CLS on watch for skippers (more)
06-13-2012 :
Will Black Gold one day be green? (more)
04-11-2012 :
How CLS could have helped the TITANIC (more)
03-20-2012 :
CLS, partenaire de la Transat AG2R LA MONDIALE, équipe tous les concurrents de balises de localisation et de demande d’assistance (in French only) (more)
03-12-2012 :
CLS, partenaire de la course solidaire du chocolat, équipe tous les concurrents de balises de localisation et de demande d'assistance (in French only) (more)
SPACE: To help protect against piracy, geopolitical upheavals and climate threats, France provides Europe with its maritime security system for tracking ocean-going vessels (more)
CLS - 25 years. An extraordinary economic success story: the creation of a renowned international company, specialised in the provision of satellite services (more)
04-10-2011 :
CLS, équipe tous les concurrents de la Transat Bénodet-Martinique 2011 de balises de localisation et de demande d’assistance (in French only) (more)
CLS, a French company, is supplying the Vietnamese government with a fisheries surveillance system also capable of sending typhoon warnings by satellite (more)
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Press kits

Argos : 30 ans à baliser la planète (in French only) (more)
Vigisat - L'océan sous haute surveillance depuis la Bretagne (in French only) (more)
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Last news

CLS, the small but growing subsidiary of CNES (more)
NEW TECHNOLOGY: Microwave Telemetry releases the world's smallest argos tag (more)
FARIO - The Jura lynx (more)
VIGISAT — The first civilian station for the direct reception and analysis of high-resolution radar satellite images (more)
A first: booted eagles tracked by ARGOS tags (more)
CLS, a historic partner in the 40th Solitaire du Figaro event (more)
Where have the sardines gene? (more)
Eels viewed from space (more)
PISTACH - CLS is constantly striving to better understand our planet (more)
China is using CLS to monitor 100 further fishing vessels (more)
EMSA chooses CLS to set up its European maritime fleet surveillance center (more)

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